Qigong Movement 

 Movement & postures can also be used to collect Qi. When discussing movement it is important to differentiate between Qigong and traditional exercise. "The Qi is like Fog". If we move abruptly or without fluidity, this pushes the Qi away from us. It is like reaching into a cloud of fog. You can only collect this fog (Qi) if you move slowly. This sounds silly, but it is very much the reality. Three of the greatest secrets to successful Qigong are:

1) How to hold your hand during the movements.

2) How to transition from one movement to the next with a smooth flow.

3) How to Spiral, Pulse, & Press on the Qi while you're moving. 

Subtle movements are the most powerful Qigong movements. Even the slight bend of the wrist can put a magnetic spin on the Qi, which has dramatic effect. People often think that bigger movements yield the "bigger Qi". This could not be more wrong. When people learn the "subtle Qigong arts" of how to press on the Qi during the entire form it is indeed a high-level accomplishment. Pressing on Qi is a direct way to tap into the universal energy. Also, finding the exact position of the shoulder during ball making movements, holding the hand just right, keeping the palms aligned...for these tiny little corrections are the real essence behind Qigong. One must eventually learn the subtle movements from a teacher or video in order to develop a deeper experience of Qigong.