Qigong Breathing

Qigong Breathing exercises deal with a type of Qi that is in the air. The Nine-Breath Method is an incredibly powerful breathing practice that instantly brings large amounts of Qi inside your body. This type of high-powered breathing technique is important because it has enough power to break through deep emotional, physical, and energetic blockages. (Blockages are discussed later on)

A high level Qigong practitioner once said, "If they didn't show you how to breathe...then you didn't learn Qigong." It sounds like a harsh or judgmental statement, however it is true in our opinion. Breathing techniques are the single most powerful Qigong secrets when dealing with the absorption and circulation of universal Qi. Especially if you ever want to learn how to transmit Qi to other people.

We teach something called Tumo Breathing in our Nine-Breath Method, which means inner fire. It is a special form of breathing that takes an entire day of training to learn well. One learns to pressurize Qi in the naval center to flow stronger. Truthfully, the ultimate breathing techniques are well beyond abdominal breathing, breathing slower or alternate nostril breathing. The real secret lies in the position of your abdomen during the exhale and inhale. We refer to this process as "finding the sweet spot".

Aside from being a mechanical process, high powered Qigong breathing techniques often take the practitioner to a profound state of consciousness or oneness with all things. Common everyday people will often touch the realm where the entire body is energy. This is impossible to describe except to say that it is a profoundly spiritual experience. Qigong breathing has a tremendous role to play in awakening our non-physical self and therefore our spirituality can be substantially deepened